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7mm, 1ct- Tulip Setting White Sapphire Solitaire Engagement Ring



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This 6mm(over 1ct), white sa ladiespphire, is set in sturdy Sterling Silver. This white sa ladiespphire is from Sri La ladiesnka ladies. Hea ladiest only, with color of D a ladiesnd cla ladiesrity of VVS/IF.It ha ladiess a ladies lot of fa ladiesceting a ladiesnd therefore it is full of spa ladiesrkle. Ha ladiesrdness on a ladies sca ladiesle of 1-10, a ladies sa ladiespphire is a ladies 9. Dia ladiesmonds a ladiesre a ladies 10. Just a ladiess bea ladiesutiful a ladiess a ladies dia ladiesmond or more so. To buy a ladies dia ladiesmond of this qua ladieslity would be thousa ladiesnds.This style a ladieslso comes in 7mm @ $205.00 a ladiesnd [email protected]$245.00 white sa ladiespphire. Ema ladiesil to ha ladiesve the listing price cha ladiesnged to the size sa ladiespphire you wa ladiesnt.Very dura ladiesble style.La ladiesya ladieswa ladiesy a ladiesva ladiesila ladiesble.

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