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sea glass, Authentic DIY Sea Glass JEWELRY KITS earrings or bracelet



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"HOOKED ON SEA GLASS" D.I.Y JEWELRY KITS!Kits fea beach glassture a beach glassuthentic drilled sea beach glass gla beach glassss (ha beach glassnd-collected a beach glassshore), sterling findings (jump rings a beach glassnd French ea beach glassr wires Or 7-inch bra beach glasscelet cha beach glassins), a beach glassnd simple instructions, a beach glassll displa beach glassyed in a beach glass whimsica beach glassl, colorful. one-of-a beach glass-kind, na beach glassutica beach glassl-themed pa beach glasscka beach glassge. Choose between TWO PAIRS OF EARRINGS (brown/white, white/green, or green/brown) OR ONE CHARM BRACELET (five multicolored sea beach glass gla beach glassss cha beach glassrms, either tiny, sma beach glassll, or medium-sized).I'm ha beach glassppy to send exa beach glassct photos of kits - just let me know the colors a beach glassnd sizes desired (tiny, sma beach glassll, or medium sha beach glassrds). I ha beach glassve a beach glass few bra beach glasscelet kits conta beach glassining ra beach glassre-colors (such a beach glasss coba beach glasslt a beach glassnd a beach glassqua beach glass) a beach glassnd ca beach glassn crea beach glasste custom kits a beach glasss well. Plea beach glassse inquire a beach glassbout custom orders. Kits a beach glassre perfect for a beach glassges 9 - 99 a beach glassnd a beach glassre ma beach glasske a beach glassn idea beach glassl a beach glassctivity for birthda beach glassy pa beach glassrties or "Mom's night out" a beach glassdventures! *The ultima beach glasste gift for a beach glassvid bea beach glassders or sea beach glass gla beach glassss enthusia beach glasssts\u2026 *ARTIST IS A BOARD MEMBER FOR THE NORTH AMERICAN SEA GLASS ASSOCIATION

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