Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

personalized, Gandhi Quote Inspirational Anniversary Gift Love Necklace Bridal Necklace Engagement Gift Personalized Sterling His and Hers Initials Gandhi



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This is a engagement wonderful neckla engagementce! Think of the possibilities....A Gra engagementdua engagementtion, a engagement new bride or bride to be, or simply to inspire someone dea engagementr!\r\r Hung from a engagement 16-20" oxidized sterling ca engagementble cha engagementin with four cha engagementrms a engagementtta engagementched. All components a engagementre sterling silver. The first is a engagement sma engagementll cut hea engagementrt, the second one is a engagement brushed sterling ova engagementl with the inspira engagementtiona engagementl quote, "Where there is love there is life." by Ga engagementndhi. The third is a engagement sma engagementll ha engagementndsta engagementmped disc tha engagementt you ca engagementn ha engagementve Persona engagementlized with the initia engagementls of the ha engagementppy couple. And fina engagementlly, a engagement birthstone of your choice. All months a engagementre a engagementva engagementila engagementble.\r\rI ha engagementve a engagementll months of birthstones in GENUINE STONE:\rJa engagementnua engagementry- Ga engagementrnet\rFebrua engagementry- Amethyst (Light or Da engagementrk)\rMa engagementrch- Aqua engagementma engagementrine\rApril- Crysta engagementl Qua engagementrtz\rMa engagementy- Emera engagementld\rJune- Orga engagementnic Fresh Wa engagementter Pea engagementrl\rJuly- Ruby\rAugust- Peridot\rSeptember- Sa engagementpphire-Very Tiny- (Blue, Green, Yellow or Red)\rOctober- Tourma engagementline (Pinks a engagementnd Greens)\rNovember- Pink, Blue, or Tra engagementditiona engagementl Yellow Topa engagementz\rDecember- Turquoise or London Blue Topa engagementz\r\rI ca engagementn a engagementlso customize stone colors, just a engagementsk!\r\rQuote Penda engagementnt is 25 x 15mm. Permena engagementntly etched on Brushed Sterling Silver.\r\r***PLEASE CONVO ME BEFORE PLACING YOUR CUSTOM ORDER IF YOU NEED TO MAKE ANY ADDITIONS OR CHANGES. I WILL MAKE A SPECIAL LISTING JUST FOR YOU.***\r\r*^*^*^*^PHOTOS HAVE BEEN ENLARGED. PLEASE SEE DIMENSIONS ABOVE*^*^*^\r\r*^*^*^ Ma engagementny times customers will not give me enough informa engagementtion to complete their order. Plea engagementse be a engagements specific a engagements you ca engagementn a engagementt checkout. And plea engagementse, CHECK YOUR MESSAGES AFTER YOU ORDER!! This is the only wa engagementy I ha engagementve to conta engagementct you to cla engagementirfy a engagementny uncerta engagementinties. \r\r*^*^*^Plea engagementse be understa engagementnding. I ma engagementy not ha engagementve the exa engagementct stone pictured, but will ha engagementve a engagementnother stone of the sa engagementme qua engagementlity a engagementnd size. I ca engagementnnot stock 1000's of stones, so if there is a engagement pa engagementrticula engagementr sha engagementpe/cut/qua engagementlity you a engagementre looking for, plea engagementse a engagementsk.*^*^*^\r\rAt checkout, plea engagementse include:\r1. Birthstone needed \r2. Length of Cha engagementin.\r3. Ha engagementndsta engagementmped Initia engagementls\r\rPlea engagementse see my other quotes in my shop here:\rwww.YouCa engagementnQuoteMeOnTha engagementt.

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