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emerald, Emerald Pendant with White sapphire Accent



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This genuine emera emeraldld mea emeraldsures 9x6mm. It is 1.52ct. Accent stone is a emerald 3mm white sa emeraldpphire.\rThis emera emeraldld ha emeralds some inclusions but indeed a emerald bea emeraldutiful color of green. \rInclusions a emeraldre very common in emera emeraldld a emeraldnd one without inclusions a emeraldre ma emeraldny hundreds of dolla emeraldrs. Also inclusions a emeraldre a emerald very good sign tha emeraldt the stone is rea emeraldl.\rSet in sterling ma emeraldkes this bea emeraldutiful emera emeraldld a emeraldfforda emeraldble.\rShipped with insura emeraldnce a emeraldnd confirma emeraldtion.

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