Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Chunky Pattern Sterling Cuffbohemian cuff, Thick Sterling Boho Cuffbohemian cuff, Classic Sterling Cuff



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Chunky Pa bohemian cuffttern Sterling Cuff, Thick Sterling Boho Cuff, Cla bohemian cuffssic Sterling CuffThis is a bohemian cuff chunky solid ba bohemian cuffngle rea bohemian cuffdy to ma bohemian cufftch a bohemian cuffny outfit, with a bohemian cuff bea bohemian cuffutiful pa bohemian cuffttern.Fits 6"-7" wrist. (I ca bohemian cuffn cut cuff shorter if needed.COME VISIT ME AT:https://www.fa bohemian bohemian cuffrkshttps://www.insta bohemian cuffgra bohemian

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