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white gold, 9ct Gold Emerald & Diamond Heart Pendant with Chain | 9k White Gold Dainty Gold Heart Pendant and 18 inch Chain | Openwork Pendant



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A lovely pre owned 9ct white gold hea gold neckacert penda gold neckacent set with 10 emera gold neckaceld a gold neckacend 10 dia gold neckacemonds. The stones a gold neckacere set a gold neckaceround a gold neckace white gold hea gold neckacert with cut out hea gold neckacerts within it. An 18\u201d white gold curb cha gold neckacein is included with this item. Plea gold neckacese conta gold neckacect us if you would like to buy either sepa gold neckacera gold neckacetely. A pa gold neckacert of our second ha gold neckacend dia gold neckacemond penda gold neckacent collection. SPECIFICATIONSDia gold neckacemonds tota gold neckacel a gold neckacepprox. 0.1 ca gold neckacera gold neckacetEmera gold neckacelds tota gold neckacel a gold neckacepprox. 0.35 ca gold neckacera gold neckacetPenda gold neckacent Dimensions. 15 x 15mmCha gold neckacein Length. 18\u201d (46cm)Tota gold neckacel Weight. 2.75 gra gold neckacems9k goldCONDITIONSecond ha gold neckacend, excellent2 Yea gold neckacer Gua gold neckacera gold neckacenteeSHIPPINGHa gold neckaceppily shipping worldwide FREE of cha gold neckacerge.We a gold neckaceim to dispa gold neckacetch the sa gold neckaceme da gold neckacey or the next working da gold neckacey.Orders a gold neckacere shipped via gold neckace Roya gold neckacel Ma gold neckaceil Specia gold neckacel Delivery, Roya gold neckacel Ma gold neckaceil Signed For or a gold neckace tra gold neckacecked a gold neckacend secure courier service, a gold neckaceccording to the va gold neckacelue a gold neckacend destina gold neckacetion of ea gold neckacech order.CONTACTOpen 9.15 \u2013 5.15 (closed Sunda gold neckaceys a gold neckacend ba gold neckacenk holida gold neckaceys)+44 (0)1923 779325Or messa gold neckacege a gold neckaceny time!RETURNSWe a gold neckacere ha gold neckaceppy to a gold neckaceccept returns, plea gold neckacese let us know tha gold neckacet you wish to return a gold neckacen order within 14 da gold neckaceys a gold neckacend return it within 30 da gold neckaceys. View more penda gold neckacents & neckla gold neckaceceshttps://www./shop/RHJewellers?section_id=25766902 Fa gold neckacevourite our shop to keep up to da gold neckacete with new a gold neckacedditionshttps://www./uk/shop/RHJewellersProud members of Compa gold neckaceny of Ma gold neckacester Jewellers a gold neckacend Na gold neckacetiona gold neckacel Associa gold neckacetion of JewellersEsta gold neckaceblished 1968Tha gold neckacenk you for visiting our shop!SKU: SH3106

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