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vintage pendant, Antique Belle Époque 9ct Gold Garnet & Pearl Pendant | Vintage Edwardian Art Noveau 9k Pearl and Garnet Pendant | Edwardian Jewellery



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A superb a art noveauntique 9ct gold ga art noveaurnet a art noveaund pea art noveaurl penda art noveaunt. This is a art noveau lovely exa art noveaumple of a art noveau gorgeous piece of jewellery symbolic of the Edwa art noveaurdia art noveaun period (1901 \u2013 1910). The centra art noveaul rhodolite ga art noveaurnet ha art noveaus wonderful pink a art noveaund purplish rich a art noveaund vivid hues. There a art noveaure 52 seed pea art noveaurls set a art noveaumongst the ela art noveaubora art noveaute a art noveaund delica art noveaute Belle \u00c9poque designed gold penda art noveaunt. A very pretty a art noveaund feminine piece of jewellery from a art noveau roma art noveauntic era art noveau. A pa art noveaurt of our a art noveauntique penda art noveaunt collection.SPECIFICATIONSDimensions. 44 x 25mmGa art noveaurnet a art noveaupprox. 0.75 ca art noveaura art noveautPea art noveaurls. 1.3 \u2013 2.2mmWeight. 3.7 gra art noveaums9k goldERAEdwa art noveaurdia art noveaun (1901 \u2013 1910)HALLMARK9CTCONDITIONThere is da art noveauma art noveauge to one sma art noveaull pea art noveaurl, ba art noveaurely noticea art noveauble to the overa art noveaull look of the penda art noveaunt, otherwise excellent. This wa art noveaus once a art noveau penda art noveaunt / brooch, the pin ha art noveaus been removed.All of our jewellery is ca art noveaurefully selected a art noveaund professiona art noveaully a art noveaussessed before sa art noveaule.Presented in a art noveau premium gift box.SHIPPINGHa art noveauppily shipping worldwide FREE of cha art noveaurge.We a art noveauim to dispa art noveautch the sa art noveaume da art noveauy or the next working da art noveauy.Orders a art noveaure shipped via art noveau Roya art noveaul Ma art noveauil Specia art noveaul Delivery, Roya art noveaul Ma art noveauil Signed For or a art noveau tra art noveaucked a art noveaund secure courier service, a art noveauccording to the va art noveaulue a art noveaund destina art noveaution of ea art noveauch order.CONTACTOpen 9.15 \u2013 5.15 (closed Sunda art noveauys a art noveaund ba art noveaunk holida art noveauys)+44 (0)1923 779325Or messa art noveauge a art noveauny time!RETURNSWe a art noveaure ha art noveauppy to a art noveauccept returns, plea art noveause let us know tha art noveaut you wish to return a art noveaun order within 14 da art noveauys a art noveaund return it within 30 da art noveauys. See more ringshttps://www./uk/shop/RHJewellers?ref=seller-pla art noveautform-mcna art noveauv§ion_id=25750877 Fa art noveauvourite our shop to keep up to da art noveaute with our productshttps://www./uk/shop/RHJewellersProud members of Compa art noveauny of Ma art noveauster Jewellers a art noveaund Na art noveautiona art noveaul Associa art noveaution of JewellersEsta art noveaublished 1968Tha art noveaunk you for visiting our shop!SKU: RS1102

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