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vintage gold, Antique Belle Époque 15ct Gold Peridot & Pearl Pendant | Vintage Edwardian 15k Gold Peridot Necklace | Art Noveau and Art Deco Jewellery



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This is a 1920s pendant wonderful exa 1920s pendantmple of a 1920s pendant peridot penda 1920s pendantnt from the Edwa 1920s pendantrdia 1920s pendantn period (1901 \u2013 1910). The centra 1920s pendantl peridot is a 1920s pendant lovely intense green, crisp a 1920s pendantnd clea 1920s pendantn. It is surrounded by 10 seed pea 1920s pendantrls in a 1920s pendant 15ct gold gorgeous Belle \u00c9poque design setting, very much in keeping with the era 1920s pendant. There is a 1920s pendant further seed pea 1920s pendantrl to the ba 1920s pendantil. A lovely delica 1920s pendantte piece of a 1920s pendantntique jewellery in outsta 1920s pendantnding condition. A pa 1920s pendantrt of our a 1920s pendantntique penda 1920s pendantnt collection.SPECIFICATIONSDimensions. 28 x 22mm (inc. ba 1920s pendantil)Peridot a 1920s pendantpprox. 1.06 ca 1920s pendantra 1920s pendanttPea 1920s pendantrls. 1 x 2.5mm, 10 x 2.1mmWeight. 2.7 gra 1920s pendantms15k goldERAEdwa 1920s pendantrdia 1920s pendantn (1901 \u2013 1910)HALLMARKSta 1920s pendantmped 15CTCONDITIONExcellent2 Yea 1920s pendantr Gua 1920s pendantra 1920s pendantnteeAll of our jewellery is ca 1920s pendantrefully selected a 1920s pendantnd professiona 1920s pendantlly a 1920s pendantssessed before sa 1920s pendantle.Presented in a 1920s pendant premium gift box.SHIPPINGHa 1920s pendantppily shipping worldwide FREE of cha 1920s pendantrge.We a 1920s pendantim to dispa 1920s pendanttch the sa 1920s pendantme da 1920s pendanty or the next working da 1920s pendanty.Orders a 1920s pendantre shipped via 1920s pendant Roya 1920s pendantl Ma 1920s pendantil Specia 1920s pendantl Delivery, Roya 1920s pendantl Ma 1920s pendantil Signed For or a 1920s pendant tra 1920s pendantcked a 1920s pendantnd secure courier service, a 1920s pendantccording to the va 1920s pendantlue a 1920s pendantnd destina 1920s pendanttion of ea 1920s pendantch order.CONTACTOpen 9.15 \u2013 5.15 (closed Sunda 1920s pendantys a 1920s pendantnd ba 1920s pendantnk holida 1920s pendantys)+44 (0)1923 779325Or messa 1920s pendantge a 1920s pendantny time!RETURNSWe a 1920s pendantre ha 1920s pendantppy to a 1920s pendantccept returns, plea 1920s pendantse let us know tha 1920s pendantt you wish to return a 1920s pendantn order within 14 da 1920s pendantys a 1920s pendantnd return it within 30 da 1920s pendantys. See more ringshttps://www./uk/shop/RHJewellers?ref=seller-pla 1920s pendanttform-mcna 1920s pendantv§ion_id=25750877 Fa 1920s pendantvourite our shop to keep up to da 1920s pendantte with our productshttps://www./uk/shop/RHJewellersProud members of Compa 1920s pendantny of Ma 1920s pendantster Jewellers a 1920s pendantnd Na 1920s pendanttiona 1920s pendantl Associa 1920s pendanttion of JewellersEsta 1920s pendantblished 1968Tha 1920s pendantnk you for visiting our shop!SKU: RS1101

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