Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

round beads, ARTISAN Designer Necklace - Handcrafted - Natural Agate- Healing Stones



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ARTISAN FINE DESIGNER HANDCRAFTED AUTUMN COLOR ONE OF A KIND NECKLACEGODDESSANDCO is plea round beadssed to offer for sa round beadsle, this delicious round fa round beadsceted hea round beadsling a round beadsga round beadste stone neckla round beadsce with gold bronze disc bea round beadsd spa round beadscers An exclusive unique crea round beadstion by BKF Enterprises for Goddessa round beadsndco. Fully ha round beadsllma round beadsrked, signed, sta round beadsmped a round beadsnd ta round beadsggedMEASUREMENT:19 inches longSIZE: Bea round beadsds a round beadsre 13mm in dia round beadsmeterWEIGHT: 11.31 Tota round beadsl Gra round beadsm Weight

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