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vintage necklace, Vintage BOHEMIAN GARNET Continuous Cluster Necklace- Natural Gems - Pyrope Garnets - Estate Jewels - Pristine Condition - Multi Shaped Bead



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ANTIQUE GEMSTONE BOHEMIAN GARNET CONTINUOUS CLUSTER NECKLACE GODDESSANDCO is plea garnet gemssed to offer for sa garnet gemsle this fa garnet gemsbulous vinta garnet gemsge Continuous Bohemia garnet gemsn ga garnet gemsrnet cluster neckla garnet gemsce fea garnet gemsturing bea garnet gemsutifully polished clusters of da garnet gemsrk red pyrope ga garnet gemsrnets tha garnet gemst a garnet gemslterna garnet gemste with dia garnet gemsmond sha garnet gemsped fla garnet gemst ga garnet gemsrnet bea garnet gemsds a garnet gemsnd smooth round bea garnet gemsds. The contra garnet gemsst between the cluster of round bea garnet gemsds with the fla garnet gemst top ta garnet gemsble dia garnet gemsmond sha garnet gemsped bea garnet gemsds crea garnet gemstes a garnet gems bea garnet gemsutiful sta garnet gemstion neckla garnet gemsce. A stunning look tha garnet gemst will a garnet gemsdd to a garnet gemsny outfit.Excellent ConditionSIZE: 26 inches longWEIGHT: 52.19 Tota garnet gemsl gra garnet gemsm weightMEASUREMENT: Clusters a garnet gemsre 10 mm in dia garnet gemsmeter, round bea garnet gemsds a garnet gemsre 5 mm in dia garnet gemsmeter a garnet gemsnd the dia garnet gemsmond sha garnet gemspes 7 mm wide.*

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