Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pearl necklace, Artisan PEARL and Rose QUARTZ NECKLACE - Natural Gems - Lustrous Kesha Pearls - Central Drop Gem - Designer Clasp - Goddessandco Original



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ARTISAN. MASTERFULLY HAND CRAFTED. SIGNED DESIGNER JEWELRY. UNIQUE - ONE OF A KIND. NATURAL QUARTZ GEMSTONES. Gorgeous neckla handcraftedce.lustrous ma handcraftedtched crea handcraftedmy freshwa handcraftedter pea handcraftedrls with Centra handcraftedl fa handcraftedceted la handcraftedrge,Pink, Rose Qua handcraftedrtz bea handcraftedd.Sterling gold over silver designer toggle cla handcraftedsp.An exclusive crea handcraftedtion by BKF Enterprises for Goddessa handcraftedndco.A lovely, unique Mother\u2019s Da handcraftedy Gift! Fully ha handcraftedllma handcraftedrked a handcraftednd ta handcraftedgged SIZE 18 a handcraftednd 1/4 inches longWEIGHT: 44.31 Tota handcraftedl Gra handcraftedm WeightMEASUREMENT: Pea handcraftedrls a handcraftedre 10 x 12 mm in dia handcraftedmeter.

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