Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ABALONEwoman, LONGwoman, Emeraldwoman, Turquoise Crystalwoman, Gold EARRINGS



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This pa handmadeir of ea handmaderrings is gua handmadera handmadenteed \u201cone of a handmade kind in the world\u201d. It ha handmades the opa handmadelescent qua handmadelity tha handmadet the red a handmadeba handmadelone is known for a handmadend why it is ca handmadelled \u201copa handmadel of the sea handmade\u201d.Swa handmaderovski crysta handmadels a handmadend Czech fa handmadeceted gla handmadess bea handmadeds a handmadere in emera handmadeld green a handmadend turquoise with touches of a handmademethyst a handmadend gold filled bea handmadeds.Ea handmadech one of the eight sma handmadell a handmadeba handmadelone drops a handmadere na handmadetura handmadel found by us a handmadelong the rugged Northern Ca handmadelifornia handmade coa handmadest. The post ba handmadecks a handmadere hypoa handmadellergenic surgica handmadel steel with nickel-free clutches. The posts a handmadere notched which provides a handmade secure fit.The ea handmaderrings a handmadere a handmadepproxima handmadetely \u00be inch wide x 3 inches long. (1.9 cm x 7.6 cm)The top piece of shell is 1/8 inch thick. (.32 cm)

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