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5 stone, White Sapphire Wedding/Anniversary Band



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Ea 14ktch genuine sa 14ktpphire is 3mm. There a 14ktre 5 genuine white sa 14ktpphire These little stones come from Sri La 14ktnka 14kt.Setting is of sterling silver a 14ktnd Rhodium coa 14ktted for high shine a 14ktnd protection. The ring set, in the 2nd photo, is just to give you a 14ktn idea 14kt a 14kts to wha 14ktt it would look like with a 14ktnother ring.This ring ca 14ktn be set in 14kt white gold or yellow gold for the ma 14ktrket price. a 14kts wellAllow 1 week a 14kts this is a 14kt Ma 14ktde To Order Ring.

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