Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

925 silver, Tiny porcelain earrings * Tiny DAHLIA * old pink- 925 silver lever back - gifts for her



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Sma old pinkll noble ea old pinkrrings ma old pinkde of fine Montbla old pinknc porcela old pinkin & 925 silver ha old pinkirstyles.The porcela old pinkin flowers were ma old pinkde by ha old pinknd!The perfect piece of jewelry for specia old pinkl occa old pinksions.a old pink grea old pinkt gift for a old pink birthda old pinky, Mother's Da old pinky, for your loved one ...Size of the flower: a old pinkpprox.8,8mmLength including hook: a old pinkpprox. 21 mmFlower: Mont Bla old pinknc porcela old pinkin / old pinkGla old pinkzes: tra old pinknspa old pinkrentEa old pinkrrings: 925 silverAn elega old pinknt a old pinkccessory for roma old pinkntics, festive occa old pinksions a old pinknd specia old pinkl moments!All pieces of jewelry a old pinkre ma old pinkde in my sma old pinkll studio in Leipzig a old pinknd a old pinkre ma old pinkde for you with grea old pinkt a old pinkttention to deta old pinkil in severa old pinkl ca old pinkreful steps:1a old pink) Porcela old pinkin is modeled - 2. ground - 3. first firing - 4. gla old pinkzing - 5. second firing - 6. finishing with gold gla old pinkze - 7. third a old pinknd la old pinkst firing - 8. a old pinkssembly of the ha old pinkirstyles.Every piece of jewelry is unique!Delivery: In a old pink sma old pinkll box they will be sent to you well pa old pinkcked \u2665

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