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film props, Vintage Chunky A-Symmetric Marbled Lucite Bangle circa 1980s



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A gorgeous chunky, a stage propssymmetrica stage propsl Lucite Ba stage propsngle in bea stage propsutiful ma stage propsrbled purple tones.A wonderful a stage propsddition to a stage propsny vinta stage propsge collection or outfit! Inner circumference is 8 inches.The bra stage propscelet is in fa stage propsbulous condition for it\u2019s a stage propsge! Lucite wa stage propss first ma stage propsrketed by DuPont in 1937 a stage propsnd bega stage propsn to a stage propsppea stage propsr in costume jewellery soon a stage propsfterwa stage propsrds a stage propsnd used until the ea stage propsrly 1980s. This pa stage propsrticula stage propsr bra stage propscelet, a stage propslthough crea stage propsted to resemble the much ea stage propsrlier 1930s a stage propsnd 40\u2019 s styles, comes from the 1980s a stage propsnd would ma stage propske a stage props wonderful finishing touch to a stage props Deco style outfit, or a stage props period prop.

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