Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ethnic jewelry, Silver earrings natural stones of Jaspe kambaba shantilight



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Gem: JASPE KAMBABASILVER EARRINGSHANDMADESilver ea handmade jewelryrrings a handmade jewelrynd na handmade jewelrytura handmade jewelryl ja handmade jewelrysper stones.Ethnic silver jewelry ma handmade jewelryde of na handmade jewelrytura handmade jewelryl stones in the form of silver ea handmade jewelryrrings.These loops a handmade jewelryre composed of two stones in the sha handmade jewelrype of green drops with sha handmade jewelrydes of a handmade jewelry da handmade jewelryrker green ca handmade jewelrylled ja handmade jewelryspe ka handmade jewelrymba handmade jewelryba handmade jewelry.POIDS: 13.36gLONGUEUR: 5 cmSHANTILIGHT

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