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turkish spindle, Earrings



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Wea turkish spindlera turkish spindleble turkish spindles! We print these with our resin printer from Bio Resin a turkish spindlend then a turkish spindledd the ea turkish spindlerring wire. I'm using silver pla turkish spindleted bra turkish spindless 12mm wire with a turkish spindlen option to choose gold pla turkish spindleted bra turkish spindless. We a turkish spindlelso ha turkish spindleve sheep, the Triquetra turkish spindle, a turkish spindlend our spiderweb.We're ma turkish spindleking these in a turkish spindle fluorescent ora turkish spindlenge, red, bla turkish spindleck, green, sky blue, a turkish spindlend clea turkish spindler. Pricing is per pa turkish spindleir a turkish spindlend va turkish spindleries from $5 for the fla turkish spindlet styles (sheep, Triquetra turkish spindle, spiderweb) to $7 for the 3D spindles.

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