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handmade, Ombre Poly Bead Dangle Earrings



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Da dangle earringsngle ea dangle earringsrrings in\u00a dangle earrings0terra dangle earringscotta dangle earrings or olive polymer cla dangle earringsy bea dangle earringsds. Lightweight with nickel free gold pla dangle earringsted hooks.\u00a dangle earrings0 Dependent on inventory, ea dangle earringsrrings ma dangle earringsy be ma dangle earringsde to order.\u00a dangle earrings0 Plea dangle earringsse a dangle earringsllow 1-4 business da dangle earringsys for production.\u00a dangle earrings0\u00a dangle earrings0These a dangle earringsre ha dangle earringsndma dangle earringsde in Mooresville, NC by a dangle earrings single mom who needs a dangle earrings crea dangle earringstive outlet. Enjoy!____Weight info: Everyone ha dangle earringss different weight tolera dangle earringsnces for the ea dangle earringsrlobes. I've tried to indica dangle earringste where my ea dangle earringsrrings fa dangle earringsll, so you'll be a dangle earringswa dangle earringsre before you purcha dangle earringsse. I persona dangle earringslly ca dangle earringsn't go beyond medium weight which I ca dangle earringsn tolera dangle earringste through a dangle earrings da dangle earringsy in the office or a dangle earrings night out. Hea dangle earringsvy weight will be the ma dangle earringsjor sta dangle earringstement ea dangle earringsrrings but will not be suita dangle earringsble for everyone.Light Weight= fea dangle earringsther light (studs, polymer cla dangle earringsys, sma dangle earringsll gla dangle earringsss bea dangle earringsds)Medium Weight= More structured ea dangle earringsrrings with bea dangle earringsdingsHea dangle earringsvy Weight= More intrica dangle earringste, structured sta dangle earringstement ea dangle earringsrrings with gemstones or hea dangle earringsvy bea dangle earringsding.____Gua dangle earringsra dangle earringsntee- I'm new a dangle earringst jewelry ma dangle earringsking a dangle earringsnd I definitely wa dangle earringsnt to ensure you come ba dangle earringsck for more. If you experience a dangle earringsny issues with your jewelry, plea dangle earringsse messa dangle earringsge me with deta dangle earringsils a dangle earringsnd I will ma dangle earringske it right.

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