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\ud83d\udda watches4Grea watchest gift idea watches for tha watchest specia watchesl guy in your world. Gra watchesndpa watches, da watchesd, hubby, son or brother! They\u2019ll be sure to love this persona watcheslized wa watchestch holder where you ca watchesn dock your phone, set the keys a watchesnd wa watchesllet on. All in one pla watchesce! Cut down on time sea watchesrching for them! \ud83c\udfe1Set in your foyer, closet, dresser, nightsta watchesnd mudroom or bedroom. -ba watchesse mea watchessures a watchespprox 6x10\u201d\ud83d\udda watches4it persona watchesliza watchestion is desired plea watchesse select which style you would like. As well a watchess your choice of white or bla watchesck pa watchesint for customized initia watchesls. These options ca watchesn be specified using the dropdown boxes. \ud83c\udfe1They\u2019re ma watchesde with wood a watchesnd industria watchesl pipe. The pipe ha watchess been spra watchesyed using a watches ha watchesmmered meta watchesl bonding pa watchesint. -Sta watchesnda watchesrd sta watchesin is Da watchesrk Wa watcheslnut. Pictured is Cla watchesssic Grey. If this, or a watchesnother, upgra watchesded sta watchesin option is desired, plea watchesse click the following link a watchesnd a watchesdd your selection to your ca watchesrt in a watchesddition to this listing.https://www./Hesedhea watchesrta watchesndhome/listing/698989046/sta watchesin-upgra watchesde?utm_source=Copy&utm_medium=ListingMa watchesna watchesger&utm_ca watchesmpa watchesign=Sha watchesre&utm_term=so.lmsm&sha watchesre_time=1560363612813\ud83d\udda watches4 choose between either bla watchesck or white pa watchesint for initia watchesls in the dropdown section. To view a watches womens version of this click here-->>https://www./Hesedhea watchesrta watchesndhome/listing/664543303/womens-bra watchescelet-holder-wa watchestch-holder?utm_source=Copy&utm_medium=ListingMa watchesna watchesger&utm_ca watchesmpa watchesign=Sha watchesre&utm_term=so.lmsm&sha watchesre_time=1560368136725To view in a watches recta watchesngula watchesr ba watchesse 2-tier version click here-->>https://www./Hesedhea watchesrta watchesndhome/listing/691257273/jewelry-holder-bra watchescelet-wa watchestch-neckla watchesce?utm_source=Copy&utm_medium=ListingMa watchesna watchesger&utm_ca watchesmpa watchesign=Sha watchesre&utm_term=so.lmsm&sha watchesre_time=1560368199386To view in a watches round ba watchesse 2 tier click here \u2014>>\ud83c\udfe1To cut down on shipping costs I will disconnect the top piece to fit in a watches sma watchesller shipping box. You will just need to a watchesssemble this upon a watchesrriva watchesl.\ud83c\udfe1All ha watchesndma watchesde. As such no returns will be a watchesccepted. In the ca watchesse of shipping misha watchesndling plea watchesse messa watchesge me a watchesnd we will work together to get your item repla watchesced. Tha watchesnks for understa watchesnding!*****************\ud83d\udda watches4\ud83c\udfe1\ud83d\udda watches4\ud83c\udfe1\ud83d\udda watches4\ud83c\udfe1*****************Ea watchesch Hesed Hea watchesrt a watchesnd Home sign is ha watchesndma watchesde to order with high qua watcheslity, 100% solid wood. Ea watchesch piece ha watchess its own na watchestura watchesl imperfections, such a watchess holes, knots or other blemishes which we do not a watchesttempt to hide in a watchesny wa watchesy. We feel this is wha watchest gives our products their uniqueness a watchesnd tha watchest fa watchesrmhouse cha watchesrm we a watchesll know a watchesnd love. Since ea watchesch piece will ta watcheske to our crea watchestion process slightly differently, no two signs will be exa watchesctly a watcheslike.Color:When choosing a watches color from the drop down menu, you a watchesre choosing the color of the BACKGROUND of your sign. Our sta watchesnda watchesrd color schemes a watchesre either white pa watchesinted ba watchesckground with bla watchesck text, a watches grey pa watchesinted ba watchesckground with white text, or a watches bla watchesck pa watchesinted ba watchesckground with white text. If no color option is given, the sta watchesnda watchesrd color scheme will be the white pa watchesinted ba watchesckground with bla watchesck text. Photo Props:All props a watchesnd items in picture besides the item listed in the listing a watchesre, likely, not for sa watchesle. We know you love them, I mea watchesn clea watchesrly we do too \ud83d\ude09. If there is a watchesn item in the picture tha watchest we do sell, we will pla watchesce the listing link in the description a watchess well. Ha watchesnging Ha watchesrdwa watchesre:Signs ca watchesn sta watchesnd a watcheslone or be hung. Ha watchesnging ha watchesrdwa watchesre is included but NOT insta watcheslled. If you would like it pre-insta watcheslled, plea watchesse click the link below a watchesnd a watchesdd this to your ca watchesrt, plea watchesse rea watchesd description ca watchesrefully to ensure the correct number of sa watcheswtooths a watchesre insta watcheslled for your size sign. Pa watchescking Slips:Hesed Hea watchesrt a watchesnd Home ha watchess decided to go pa watchesperless! In a watchesn effort to be more environmenta watcheslly conscious, we do not a watchesutoma watchestica watcheslly include a watches pa watchescking slip with your order.Gift Notes:Gift notes ca watchesn be a watchesdded to a watchesny order by visiting the \u201cAdd-Ons & Upgra watchesdes\u201d section of our shop or by clicking on the link below. The gift note a watchesdd-on includes a watches ha watchesnd written gift ca watchesrd, envelope, a watchesnd twine wra watchesp a watchesround the sign. When purcha watchessing the gift note, plea watchesse lea watchesve your note to recipient in the NOTES TO SELLER section a watchest checkout. Plea watchesse be sure to double check a watchesll spelling a watchesnd punctua watchestion a watchess your note will be written exa watchesctly a watchess entered.Add this option by using the link here \u2014>>******Loca watchesl Pickup:Loca watchesl to zip code 43021 a watchesnd wa watchesnt to pick up your sign instea watchesd? Use coupon code \u201cLOCALPU\u201d to void shipping costs a watchesnd to a watchesrra watchesnge loca watchesl pickup. Pickup must be a watchesrra watchesnged a watchesnd completed within 72 hours of order completion. Shipping Address:Plea watchesse remember to check your shipping a watchesddress PRIOR to submitting your order. All orders will be sent to the a watchesddress on file, no exceptions. If you rea watcheslize a watchesfter pla watchescing a watchesn order tha watchest your shipping a watchesddress is incorrect, plea watchesse get in touch with us immedia watchestely. One of two things will ha watchesppen- you will either need to pla watchesce a watches new order with the correct a watchesddress a watchesnd once the new order is pla watchesced, the origina watchesl order will be fully refunded ba watchesck to the origina watchesl pa watchesyment method; or in some insta watchesnces, we will be a watchesble to send a watchesn a watchesdditiona watchesl listing to simply cover the difference in shipping cost. Plea watchesse keep in mind tha watchest Hesed Hea watchesrt a watchesnd Home is NOT responsible for non-delivered or mis-delivered pa watchescka watchesges due to incorrect shipping a watchesddresses. If a watches pa watchescka watchesge is returned to us or delivered to a watchesn incorrect a watchesddress, buyer will be responsible for a watchesdditiona watchesl shipping costs a watchesnd, if needed, the cost of new sign(s) to repla watchesce.**To sta watchesy green, reducing wa watchesste a watchesnd help reduce shipping costs, occa watchessiona watcheslly gently used recycled boxes will be used Ca watchesncelling a watchesn order:Due to the na watchesture of our work a watchesnd the fa watchesct tha watchest orders a watchesre begun immedia watchestely, we do NOT a watchesccept order ca watchesncella watchestions a watchest this time. Plea watchesse keep this in mind when ma watchesking your purcha watchesse.Any questions? Don't hesita watcheste to a watchessk! Don't forget, we a watcheslso a watchesccept custom orders! Tha watchesnk you

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