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Before you buy, be sure to get 20% off your order by joining my Boot Bling Club! No spa boot braceletsm, I promise. Just copy a boot braceletsnd pa boot braceletsste this URL in a boot bracelets new ta boot braceletsb a boot braceletsnd you will receive your coupon code insta boot braceletsntly. boot braceletslviBootBlingClubDid you sa boot braceletsy you wa boot braceletsnted BLING???.....These Swa boot braceletsrovski\u00a boot braceletse crysta boot braceletsl rivet, lea boot braceletsther a boot braceletsnd cha boot braceletsin boot bra boot braceletscelets litera boot braceletslly screa boot braceletsm for a boot braceletsttention!!If you a boot braceletsre not fa boot braceletsmilia boot braceletsr with Swa boot braceletsrovski\u00a boot braceletse crysta boot braceletsls, then you a boot braceletsre in for a boot bracelets plea boot braceletssa boot braceletsnt surprise, a boot braceletss they a boot braceletsre recognized worldwide a boot braceletss the purist qua boot braceletslity crysta boot braceletsl, the most consistently cut, a boot braceletsnd the most brillia boot braceletsnt. Other crysta boot braceletsls simply ca boot braceletsn't compa boot braceletsre to the brillia boot braceletsnce of Swa boot braceletsrovski\u00a boot braceletse crysta boot braceletsls!.....a boot braceletsnd I ha boot braceletsve tested them out!.......even on a boot bracelets da boot braceletsrk da boot braceletsnce floor, they will find wha boot braceletstever light there is a boot braceletsnd BLING!! Perfect for country-line da boot braceletsncing, rodeos, or riding (horses or bikes).These a boot braceletsre sure to be a boot bracelets unique a boot braceletsddition to your jewelry collection a boot braceletsnd ma boot braceletske a boot braceletsn equa boot braceletslly unique gift idea boot bracelets for the ga boot braceletsl tha boot braceletst ha boot braceletss everything!Choose your fa boot braceletsvorite Crysta boot braceletsl Color in the drop-downs.*****Sold a boot braceletss SINGLES - SINGLES - SINGLES***** If you would like a boot bracelets pa boot braceletsir just order a boot bracelets qua boot braceletsntity of 2.******************************This style Boot Bra boot braceletscelet ca boot braceletsn a boot braceletsccommoda boot braceletste my Sta boot braceletsbilizer/Sa boot braceletsfety Cha boot braceletsin. The Sta boot braceletsbilizer/Sa boot braceletsfety Cha boot braceletsin a boot braceletsssures the fea boot braceletsture design element of your Boot Bra boot braceletscelet(s) sta boot braceletsys "front a boot braceletsnd center" a boot braceletsnd a boot braceletsvoids ha boot braceletsving it(them) spin a boot braceletsround on your boot(s). Or ma boot braceletsybe you wa boot braceletsnt a boot bracelets little a boot braceletsdded protection from possible loss.The Cha boot braceletsin is sold sepa boot braceletsra boot braceletstely a boot braceletsnd ca boot braceletsn be found a boot braceletss it's own listing. If you purcha boot braceletsse a boot bracelets pa boot braceletsir, (2), of these bra boot braceletscelets be sure to purcha boot braceletsse 2 Sta boot braceletsbilizer Cha boot braceletsins.The Sta boot braceletsbilizer/Sa boot braceletsfety Cha boot braceletsin(s) will come a boot braceletsffixed to your new Boot Bra boot braceletscelet(s), so no a boot braceletsssembly required! :) ******************************Boots pictured in the product photogra boot braceletsphs a boot braceletsre for displa boot braceletsy purposes only.Plea boot braceletsse note, a boot braceletsll monitors a boot braceletsre different, a boot braceletsnd colors ma boot braceletsy va boot braceletsry slightly.***Bra boot braceletscelet Deta boot braceletsils***- Length: Adjusta boot braceletsble to fit boots a boot braceletspproxima boot braceletstely 13.5 to 15.5 inches a boot braceletsnkle circumference.- Cha boot braceletsin: Antique Silver (styles va boot braceletsry)- Crysta boot braceletsl Rivet Color: Your Choice (See options in drop-down)- Lea boot braceletsther Color: Bla boot braceletsck- Non-reversibleThese bra boot braceletscelets a boot braceletsre my own unique designs a boot braceletsnd a boot braceletsre pa boot braceletsrt of my Signa boot braceletsture Collection.Ea boot braceletsch strip of lea boot braceletsther used in the designs is cut completely by ha boot braceletsnd from a boot bracelets side of lea boot braceletsther; from mea boot braceletssuring a boot braceletsnd cutting the strips, to mea boot braceletssuring, ma boot braceletsrking a boot braceletsnd punching out the holes for the rivets, a boot braceletsnd then setting the rivets.A lot of thought, ca boot braceletsre, a boot braceletsnd specia boot braceletsl a boot braceletsttention to deta boot braceletsil went into ma boot braceletsking this design, a boot braceletslong with the best qua boot braceletslity components.- Plea boot braceletsse a boot braceletssk a boot braceletsny questions you ma boot braceletsy ha boot braceletsve before ordering. ***GIFTING***- Ea boot braceletsch order comes wra boot braceletspped a boot braceletsnd rea boot braceletsdy for gifting! - Is this a boot bracelets gift? If you'd like a boot bracelets printed note a boot braceletsdded to the order, plea boot braceletsse type your messa boot braceletsge in the "note to seller" section of the order a boot braceletsnd I will ha boot braceletsppily a boot braceletsdd it on a boot bracelets specia boot braceletsl note ca boot braceletsrd! - If this order is shipping to a boot bracelets friend, be sure to provide the correct shipping a boot braceletsddress on the order or you ma boot braceletsy end up finding the pa boot braceletscka boot braceletsge in your own ma boot braceletsilbox.***Product Ca boot braceletsre & Instructions***- Trea boot braceletst your new boot jewelry with the sa boot braceletsme ca boot braceletsre a boot braceletss your other jewelry.- Some of my boot jewelry sets a boot braceletsre designed with left a boot braceletsnd right foot specific pieces. If you purcha boot braceletsse a boot bracelets foot specific boot jewelry design, they will be ma boot braceletsrked with remova boot braceletsble ta boot braceletsgs. An instruction ca boot braceletsrd will a boot braceletslso be included in your pa boot braceletscka boot braceletsge expla boot braceletsining the distinction between the left a boot braceletsnd right pieces a boot braceletslong with "how to" instructions for our unique sets.- If your boot jewelry comes with lobster cla boot braceletsw cla boot braceletssps, double-check to ma boot braceletske sure the cla boot braceletssps close completely a boot braceletss some tend to wa boot braceletsnt to stick open. Out of every 1000 cla boot braceletssps, I've found a boot braceletspproxima boot braceletstely 5 tha boot braceletst wa boot braceletsnt to stick. All pieces do get checked for qua boot braceletslity control.*** HOLIDAY SHIPPING***\ud83c\udf81 To ma boot braceletske your Holida boot braceletsy Sea boot braceletsson a boot braceletss joyous a boot braceletsnd stress-free a boot braceletss possible, your bea boot braceletsutiful Boot Jewelry will a boot braceletsrrive expertly gift wra boot braceletspped a boot braceletst no a boot braceletsdditiona boot braceletsl cha boot braceletsrge.\ud83c\udf81Ordering more tha boot braceletsn one piece/pa boot braceletsir? Wa boot braceletsnt them wra boot braceletspped sepa boot braceletsra boot braceletstely for ea boot braceletssy gifting? No problem! Simply lea boot braceletsve Na boot braceletsncy a boot bracelets quick note in the "notes to seller" section a boot braceletst checkout!\ud83c\udf84 2020 HOLIDAY SHIPPING DEADLINES \ud83c\udf84November through December a boot braceletsre our busiest shipping months of the yea boot braceletsr! You ca boot braceletsn be ensured tha boot braceletst we will ta boot braceletske the stress out of the Holida boot braceletsy shopping sea boot braceletsson!\ud83c\udf85 To ensure your order a boot braceletsrrives by December 25th, plea boot braceletsse pla boot braceletsce your order before the indica boot braceletsted da boot braceletste:-USA: Order by Dec 15th\u26c4 The da boot braceletste listed a boot braceletsbove follow the United Sta boot braceletstes Posta boot braceletsl Service holida boot braceletsy shipping guidelines for sta boot braceletsnda boot braceletsrd First Cla boot braceletsss shipping, a boot braceletss well a boot braceletss the processing time required for me to customize a boot braceletsnd gift wra boot braceletsp your order. Orders pla boot braceletsced a boot braceletsfter this da boot braceletste ca boot braceletsnnot be rush processed, a boot braceletss customiza boot braceletstion times still a boot braceletspply.\u26c4 Shipping times do not include the possibility of wea boot braceletsther dela boot braceletsys or potentia boot braceletsl wide-sprea boot braceletsd posta boot braceletsl dela boot braceletsys in a boot braceletsffected a boot braceletsrea boot braceletss.\u26c4 Due to the number of orders I receive during the Holida boot braceletsy sea boot braceletsson, orders a boot braceletsre filled in the order in which they a boot braceletsre received.Tha boot braceletsnk you for visiting my Boot Jewelry shop!!Na boot braceletsncy :)

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