Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Before you buy, be sure to get 20% off your order by joining my Boot Bling Club! No spa boot jewelrym, I promise. Just copy a boot jewelrynd pa boot jewelryste this URL in a boot jewelry new ta boot jewelryb a boot jewelrynd you will receive your coupon code insta boot jewelryntly. boot jewelrylviBootBlingClubSimple, yet sweet"hea boot jewelryrt" rustic lea boot jewelryther a boot jewelrynd cha boot jewelryin boot bra boot jewelrycelets, a boot jewelrydorned with a boot jewelry center hea boot jewelryrt concho a boot jewelrynd rivets (7 mm). Guys, this is the perfect gift to show your girl how much you love her!These a boot jewelryre sure to be a boot jewelry unique a boot jewelryddition to your jewelry collection a boot jewelrynd ma boot jewelryke a boot jewelryn equa boot jewelrylly unique gift idea boot jewelry for the ga boot jewelryl tha boot jewelryt ha boot jewelrys everything!Choose from brown or bla boot jewelryck lea boot jewelryther in the drop downs.*****Sold a boot jewelrys SINGLES - SINGLES - SINGLES***** If you would like a boot jewelry pa boot jewelryir just order a boot jewelry qua boot jewelryntity of 2.******************************This style Boot Bra boot jewelrycelet ca boot jewelryn a boot jewelryccommoda boot jewelryte my Sta boot jewelrybilizer/Sa boot jewelryfety Cha boot jewelryin. The Sta boot jewelrybilizer/Sa boot jewelryfety Cha boot jewelryin a boot jewelryssures the fea boot jewelryture design element of your Boot Bra boot jewelrycelet(s) sta boot jewelryys "front a boot jewelrynd center" a boot jewelrynd a boot jewelryvoids ha boot jewelryving it(them) spin a boot jewelryround on your boot(s). Or ma boot jewelryybe you wa boot jewelrynt a boot jewelry little a boot jewelrydded protection from possible loss.The Cha boot jewelryin is sold sepa boot jewelryra boot jewelrytely a boot jewelrynd ca boot jewelryn be found a boot jewelrys it's own listing. If you purcha boot jewelryse a boot jewelry pa boot jewelryir, (2), of these bra boot jewelrycelets be sure to purcha boot jewelryse 2 Sta boot jewelrybilizer Cha boot jewelryins.The Sta boot jewelrybilizer/Sa boot jewelryfety Cha boot jewelryin(s) will come a boot jewelryffixed to your new Boot Bra boot jewelrycelet(s), so no a boot jewelryssembly required! :) ******************************Boots pictured in the product photogra boot jewelryphs a boot jewelryre for displa boot jewelryy purposes only.Plea boot jewelryse note, a boot jewelryll monitors a boot jewelryre different, a boot jewelrynd colors ma boot jewelryy va boot jewelryry slightly.***Bra boot jewelrycelet Deta boot jewelryils***- Length: Adjusta boot jewelryble to fit boots a boot jewelrypproxima boot jewelrytely 13.5 to 15.5 inches a boot jewelrynkle circumference.- Cha boot jewelryin: Antique Silver (styles va boot jewelryry)- Hea boot jewelryrt Concho: Antique Silver- Lea boot jewelryther Color: Your Choice of Brown or Bla boot jewelryck- (4) 7 mm Silver Rivets- Non-reversibleThese bra boot jewelrycelets a boot jewelryre my own unique designs a boot jewelrynd a boot jewelryre pa boot jewelryrt of my Signa boot jewelryture Collection.Ea boot jewelrych strip of lea boot jewelryther used in the designs is cut completely by ha boot jewelrynd from a boot jewelry side of lea boot jewelryther; from mea boot jewelrysuring a boot jewelrynd cutting the strips, to mea boot jewelrysuring, ma boot jewelryrking a boot jewelrynd punching out the holes for the rivets, a boot jewelrynd then setting the rivets.A lot of thought, ca boot jewelryre, a boot jewelrynd specia boot jewelryl a boot jewelryttention to deta boot jewelryil went into ma boot jewelryking this design, a boot jewelrylong with the best qua boot jewelrylity components.- Plea boot jewelryse a boot jewelrysk a boot jewelryny questions you ma boot jewelryy ha boot jewelryve before ordering. ***GIFTING***- Ea boot jewelrych order comes wra boot jewelrypped a boot jewelrynd rea boot jewelrydy for gifting! - Is this a boot jewelry gift? If you'd like a boot jewelry printed note a boot jewelrydded to the order, plea boot jewelryse type your messa boot jewelryge in the "note to seller" section of the order a boot jewelrynd I will ha boot jewelryppily a boot jewelrydd it on a boot jewelry specia boot jewelryl note ca boot jewelryrd! - If this order is shipping to a boot jewelry friend, be sure to provide the correct shipping a boot jewelryddress on the order or you ma boot jewelryy end up finding the pa boot jewelrycka boot jewelryge in your own ma boot jewelryilbox.***Product Ca boot jewelryre & Instructions***- Trea boot jewelryt your new boot jewelry with the sa boot jewelryme ca boot jewelryre a boot jewelrys your other jewelry.- Some of my boot jewelry sets a boot jewelryre designed with left a boot jewelrynd right foot specific pieces. If you purcha boot jewelryse a boot jewelry foot specific boot jewelry design, they will be ma boot jewelryrked with remova boot jewelryble ta boot jewelrygs. An instruction ca boot jewelryrd will a boot jewelrylso be included in your pa boot jewelrycka boot jewelryge expla boot jewelryining the distinction between the left a boot jewelrynd right pieces a boot jewelrylong with "how to" instructions for our unique sets.- If your boot jewelry comes with lobster cla boot jewelryw cla boot jewelrysps, double-check to ma boot jewelryke sure the cla boot jewelrysps close completely a boot jewelrys some tend to wa boot jewelrynt to stick open. Out of every 1000 cla boot jewelrysps, I've found a boot jewelrypproxima boot jewelrytely 5 tha boot jewelryt wa boot jewelrynt to stick. All pieces do get checked for qua boot jewelrylity control.*** HOLIDAY SHIPPING***\ud83c\udf81 To ma boot jewelryke your Holida boot jewelryy Sea boot jewelryson a boot jewelrys joyous a boot jewelrynd stress-free a boot jewelrys possible, your bea boot jewelryutiful Boot Jewelry will a boot jewelryrrive expertly gift wra boot jewelrypped a boot jewelryt no a boot jewelrydditiona boot jewelryl cha boot jewelryrge.\ud83c\udf81Ordering more tha boot jewelryn one piece/pa boot jewelryir? Wa boot jewelrynt them wra boot jewelrypped sepa boot jewelryra boot jewelrytely for ea boot jewelrysy gifting? No problem! Simply lea boot jewelryve Na boot jewelryncy a boot jewelry quick note in the "notes to seller" section a boot jewelryt checkout!\ud83c\udf84 2020 HOLIDAY SHIPPING DEADLINES \ud83c\udf84November through December a boot jewelryre our busiest shipping months of the yea boot jewelryr! You ca boot jewelryn be ensured tha boot jewelryt we will ta boot jewelryke the stress out of the Holida boot jewelryy shopping sea boot jewelryson!\ud83c\udf85 To ensure your order a boot jewelryrrives by December 25th, plea boot jewelryse pla boot jewelryce your order before the indica boot jewelryted da boot jewelryte:-USA: Order by Dec 15th\u26c4 The da boot jewelryte listed a boot jewelrybove follow the United Sta boot jewelrytes Posta boot jewelryl Service holida boot jewelryy shipping guidelines for sta boot jewelrynda boot jewelryrd First Cla boot jewelryss shipping, a boot jewelrys well a boot jewelrys the processing time required for me to customize a boot jewelrynd gift wra boot jewelryp your order. Orders pla boot jewelryced a boot jewelryfter this da boot jewelryte ca boot jewelrynnot be rush processed, a boot jewelrys customiza boot jewelrytion times still a boot jewelrypply.\u26c4 Shipping times do not include the possibility of wea boot jewelryther dela boot jewelryys or potentia boot jewelryl wide-sprea boot jewelryd posta boot jewelryl dela boot jewelryys in a boot jewelryffected a boot jewelryrea boot jewelrys.\u26c4 Due to the number of orders I receive during the Holida boot jewelryy sea boot jewelryson, orders a boot jewelryre filled in the order in which they a boot jewelryre received.Tha boot jewelrynk you for visiting my Boot Jewelry shop!!Na boot jewelryncy :)

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