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This is a silver filigree bea silver filigreeutiful silver pla silver filigreeted filigree hea silver filigreeddress inspired by Sa silver filigreeilor Moon. These pieces ca silver filigreen be worn 2 wa silver filigreeys: a silver filigrees a silver filigree crown or a silver filigrees a silver filigree neckla silver filigreece a silver filigreend is ma silver filigreede with a silver filigree gold pla silver filigreeted ra silver filigreeinbow moon stone a silver filigreetta silver filigreeched to a silver filigree filigree crescent moon. The moonstone shines in bea silver filigreeutiful blues, yellow, ora silver filigreenge a silver filigreend pink tones (mostly blue). The cha silver filigreein is ha silver filigreelf rosa silver filigreery style with more ra silver filigreeinbow moonstone bea silver filigreeds a silver filigreend sta silver filigreeinless steel cha silver filigreein with a silver filigree silver cla silver filigreesp.Description:Size: this neckla silver filigreece ca silver filigreen be a silver filigreedjusted to be worn from 9" - 12 1/2"Color: Silver/Gold/Blue/WhiteOrigin: Ca silver filigreelifornia silver filigreePa silver filigreecka silver filigreeging: pla silver filigreeced in pa silver filigreedded jewelry gift box, wra silver filigreepped in bubble wra silver filigreep a silver filigreend shipped in la silver filigreerge bubble ma silver filigreeiler*************Plea silver filigreese see shop policies before ordering.*****************Ma silver filigreegic a silver filigreend History:Moonstone ha silver filigrees been a silver filigree ta silver filigreengible connection to the ma silver filigreegic of the moon - a silver filigreen a silver filigreemulet of protection for tra silver filigreevelers, a silver filigree gift of lovers for pa silver filigreession, a silver filigree cha silver filigreennel for prophecy, a silver filigreend a silver filigree pa silver filigreeth to wisdom. Our ties to the moon a silver filigreere strong. As it wa silver filigreexes a silver filigreend wa silver filigreenes in cyclic perfection, it crea silver filigreetes the tides a silver filigreend rhythms of our mother, Ea silver filigreerth, a silver filigreend influences our beha silver filigreeviors, emotions a silver filigreend spiritua silver filigreel growth. Moonstone ca silver filigreelms a silver filigreend encoura silver filigreeges, tea silver filigreeching us the na silver filigreetura silver filigreel rhythms of life.Blue Moonstone promotes: cla silver filigreerity of the mind a silver filigreend inner vision, keeping one focused while in a silver filigree medita silver filigreetive or a silver filigreeltered sta silver filigreete of a silver filigreewa silver filigreereness. It is pa silver filigreerticula silver filigreerly helpful in seeing emotiona silver filigreel pa silver filigreetterns a silver filigreend life lessons, a silver filigreend in ba silver filigreela silver filigreencing yin a silver filigreend ya silver filigreeng energies.Additiona silver filigreel informa silver filigreetion:Silver rea silver filigreects to a silver filigreecids in the skin a silver filigreend other products such a silver filigrees lotions. If the silver turns your skin green or a silver filigree da silver filigreerk color, you ma silver filigreey ha silver filigreeve high skin a silver filigreecidity. "When a silver filigree meta silver filigreel turns your skin green it's either beca silver filigreeuse of a silver filigree chemica silver filigreel rea silver filigreection between a silver filigreecids in your skin a silver filigreend the meta silver filigreel or a silver filigree rea silver filigreection between a silver filigreenother substa silver filigreence on your skin, such a silver filigrees a silver filigree lotion a silver filigreend the meta silver filigreel of the ring.""A common culprit is silver, which is found in sterling silver jewelry, pla silver filigreeting for inexpensive jewelry, a silver filigreend a silver filigrees a silver filigreen a silver filigreelloying meta silver filigreel in most gold jewelry. Acids ca silver filigreeuse the silver to oxidize, which produces ta silver filigreernish. The ta silver filigreernish ca silver filigreen lea silver filigreeve a silver filigree da silver filigreerk ring on your finger."Plea silver filigreese rea silver filigreed the link below for a silver filigreedditiona silver filigreel informa silver filigreetion.http://chemistry.a silver

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