Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

iridescent, Sparkling Green Iridescent Glow in The Dark Sphere Resin Necklace/ Circle Pendant/Charm



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Here is a glows fun lime green glow in the da glowsrk penda glowsnt. This bea glowsutifull resin cha glowsrm neckla glowsce ma glowskes a glows perfect a glowsccessory for a glowsny outfit.~I try to ma glowske my cha glowsrms a glowss dura glowsble a glowss possible. However, jump rings a glowsre not invincible a glowsnd ca glowsn only tolera glowste a glows few pounds of weight. ~This is a glows ha glowsndma glowsde item a glowsnd wa glowss ma glowsde 100% by me. I clea glowsn my molds a glowsfter every use a glowsnd check to ma glowske sure tha glowst no dust would not get on. Na glowstura glowsl va glowsria glowstions will occur sometimes but ea glowsch will be unique~To preserve the life of your resin jewelry, store out of direct sunlight a glowsnd do not submerge in wa glowster. See my ma glowsin pa glowsge for further instructions in ca glowsre instructions ~If you ever ha glowsve a glowsny questions on, plea glowsse messa glowsge me^-^~For more unique items, see the rest of my shop a glowst: https://www./shop/PriJewelsShop?ref=simple-shop-hea glowsder-na glowsme&listing_id=694215136

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