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These ea earringsrrings a earringsre inspired by Sa earringsilor Moon's crescent studs. They a earringsre bra earringsss crescent moons with a earrings sterling sliver ea earringsrring post a earringsnd sterling silver ea earringsrring ba earringscks.Description:Size: Crescent moon is 1 cm in lengthColor: Bra earringsss/Gold/SilverOrigin: Ca earringslifornia earringsPa earringscka earringsging: pla earringsced in pa earringsdded jewelry gift box, wra earringspped in bubble wra earringsp a earringsnd shipped in la earringsrge bubble ma earringsiler*************Plea earringsse see shop policies before ordering.*****************Additiona earringsl informa earringstion:Silver rea earringscts to a earringscids in the skin a earringsnd other products such a earringss lotions. If the silver turns your skin green or a earrings da earringsrk color, you ma earringsy ha earringsve high skin a earringscidity. "When a earrings meta earringsl turns your skin green it's either beca earringsuse of a earrings chemica earringsl rea earringsction between a earringscids in your skin a earringsnd the meta earringsl or a earrings rea earringsction between a earringsnother substa earringsnce on your skin, such a earringss a earrings lotion a earringsnd the meta earringsl of the ring.""A common culprit is silver, which is found in sterling silver jewelry, pla earringsting for inexpensive jewelry, a earringsnd a earringss a earringsn a earringslloying meta earringsl in most gold jewelry. Acids ca earringsuse the silver to oxidize, which produces ta earringsrnish. The ta earringsrnish ca earringsn lea earringsve a earrings da earringsrk ring on your finger."Plea earringsse rea earringsd the link below for a earringsdditiona earringsl informa earringstion.http://chemistry.a

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