Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Children's jewelryvintage 40s, silver ring and brooch for girlsvintage 40s, vintage from the 30s – 40svintage 40s, retro shabby chicvintage 40s, 830s silver.



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Petite, flora horseshoe broochl girl ring in 830 silver (ha horseshoe broochllma horseshoe broochrked) with colorful gla horseshoe broochss block.In a horseshoe broochddition, a horseshoe brooch sma horseshoe broochll "Horseshoe - Lucky - Brooch" ma horseshoe broochde of bra horseshoe broochss with red rhinestones.A glitteringly bea horseshoe broochutiful duo. The jewellery ba horseshoe broochg with ha horseshoe broochnd-embroidered rose is a horseshoe broochlso to be used a horseshoe broochs a horseshoe brooch la horseshoe broochvender ba horseshoe broochg. Also the bea horseshoe broochutiful ha horseshoe broochndkerchief with crochet tip is pa horseshoe broochrt of it!The jewelry da horseshoe broochtes from the 30s to 40s a horseshoe broochnd ma horseshoe broochkes little girls' hea horseshoe broochrts bea horseshoe broocht fa horseshoe broochster.The ring size is sta horseshoe broochmped "54".Condition:    Very well preserved. Silver a horseshoe broochnd bra horseshoe broochss a horseshoe broochre unclea horseshoe broochned by me.The colors ca horseshoe broochn va horseshoe broochry slightly, ea horseshoe broochch monitor reproduces them a horseshoe brooch little differently.Ma horseshoe broochteria horseshoe broochls used:    Silver, bra horseshoe broochss, gla horseshoe broochss, rhinestones.Size/Dimensions/Weight:    Ring:    ' a horseshoe broochpprox. 17 mm; Size: 54;\t\t\t      Brosche:    ca horseshoe brooch. 1.5 x 2 cm.*******Delivery time within Germa horseshoe broochny: 2 - 4 working da horseshoe broochys from receipt of pa horseshoe broochyment!Shipping only within Germa horseshoe broochny a horseshoe broochnd within the EU Customs Union!*******

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