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semi precious, Awakened Heart Bracelet



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The Awa semi preciouskened Hea semi preciousrt bra semi preciouscelet is strung with Fa semi preciousncy Ja semi precioussper bea semi preciousds a semi preciousnd fea semi precioustures a semi precious sta semi preciousmped hea semi preciousrt cha semi preciousrm cra semi preciousfted by a semi precious Ka semi preciousren Hill Tribe a semi preciousrtist in Tha semi preciousila semi preciousnd.Fa semi preciousncy Ja semi precioussper\u2019s quiet a semi preciousnd rela semi preciousxing tones provide soothing energy. Fa semi preciousncy ja semi precioussper is a semi precious grounding stone which is believed to ca semi preciouslm the mind, hea semi preciousrt a semi preciousnd spirit, a semi preciousbsorb nega semi precioustive energy, stimula semi preciouste crea semi precioustivity a semi preciousnd help focus concentra semi precioustion. It is sa semi preciousid to clea semi preciousnse the a semi preciousura semi precious a semi preciousnd a semi preciouslign the cha semi preciouskra semi preciouss. Some wea semi preciousr it for protection from electroma semi preciousgnetic ra semi preciousdia semi precioustion a semi preciousnd environmenta semi preciousl pollution. In a semi precious hea semi preciousling ca semi preciouspa semi preciouscity it is believed to a semi preciousid the circula semi precioustion a semi preciousnd digestion a semi preciousnd detoxifies the blood.The cha semi preciousrm's a semi preciousrtist uses 99.5% a semi preciousnd 99.9% pure silver. It ha semi preciouss a semi precious higher silver content tha semi preciousn Sterling silver. It's just the solder used to fuse the silver components together tha semi precioust ma semi preciouskes up the la semi preciousst fra semi preciousctions of a semi precious percent. Consequently, it ha semi preciouss a semi precious weight, bright sa semi precioustin color, a semi preciousnd feel, a semi preciousll of its own. The cha semi preciousrm mea semi precioussures 10mm x 10mm. The bea semi preciousds a semi preciousre 6mm a semi preciousnd the bra semi preciouscelet fits to a semi preciouspproxima semi precioustely 7" on the wrist.

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