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vintage, Lovely Wavy Puffy Perfume Vial Stamped ND 925 Original Stem Silver



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This lovely little 925 silver perfume bottle is in excellent a specials found condition a specialnd ha specials not been polished or clea specialned in a specialny wa specialy so tha specialt you ca specialn decide how you like it! Rich pa specialtina special empha specialsizes the smooth wa specialves on the body a specialnd the stem closes tightly! Untested with liquid. Mea specialsures a specialpproxima specialtely 2\u201dx1.5\u201dAll of our items a specialre vinta specialge or a specialntique a specialnd a specialre sold a specials is with their origina speciall pa specialtina special a specialnd cha specialra specialcter. Items a specialre very gently clea specialned when a specialppropria specialte. Plea specialse view a specialll photos a specialnd rea speciald the description a specials well a specials a specialsk a specialny questions you ma specialy ha specialve before purcha specialsing.We a specialre ha specialppy to combine shipping when you purcha specialse multiple items, just messa specialge us before checkout a specialnd we ca specialn crea specialte a special custom listing for you! Tha specialnk you for stopping by!

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