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money clip, Pet Photo Sterling Silver Money Clip | Dog / Cat Keepsake | Personalized | Gift for Men



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This ha personalizedndsome sterling silver money clip becomes a personalized touching keepsa personalizedke when we la personalizedser engra personalizedve a personalized photo, a personalizedlong with up to 50 cha personalizedra personalizedcters of text, into the meta personalizedl. You ha personalizedve the option to a personalizeddd more text engra personalizedving to the ba personalizedck of your money clip. (Plea personalizedse note tha personalizedt this piece does *not* ha personalizedve a personalized compa personalizedrtment for a personalizedshes.)--- More deta personalizedils below ---::: ABOUT THIS MONEY CLIP :::\u2022 sterling silver\u2022 mea personalizedsures a personalizedpproxima personalizedtely 1" W x 2" H\u2022 FREE SHIPPING - ships in 10-14 da personalizedys::: HOW TO ORDER :::After you pla personalizedce your order, plea personalizedse use the "conta personalizedct seller" button to write through Etsy:You ca personalizedn a personalizedtta personalizedch your photo a personalizednd include a personalizedny informa personalizedtion tha personalizedt you wa personalizednt me to know.I will conta personalizedct you within 24 hours of receiving your order. If you ha personalizedve a personalizedny questions a personalizedt a personalizedny time, plea personalizedse feel free to write!

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