Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

garnet, Granate Collier with bohemian. Glass beads and gilded lenses-UNIKAT



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All prices a garnetre tota garnetl prices; No VAT ca garnetrd a garnets sma garnetll business owners.For collective orders plea garnetse note on the Shop home pa garnetge!Elega garnetnt pomegra garnetna garnette pea garnetrl neckla garnetce with bohemia garnetn a garnetrtist gla garnetss bea garnetdsAnd 24-ca garnetra garnett ha garnetrd-gilded gla garnetss lentils (the gold wa garnets burned onto the gla garnetss, so it ca garnetn't rub off-a garnetccording to ma garnetnufa garnetcturer!).Length incl. closure: 46.5 cmPomegra garnetna garnette bea garnetds: About 8 mmKa garnetra garnetbiner closure: Doubl\u00e9 gold!!! Plea garnetse note the dimensions-low color devia garnettions a garnetre possible a garnets a garnet result of different screen resolutions!!!I a garnetssume the na garnetme of the ma garnetteria garnetl from my purcha garnetsing sources-I ca garnetnnot give a garnet gua garnetra garnetntee, since I a garnetm neither a garnet jeweller nor a garnet minera garnetlogist.

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