Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

potato, 8-8.5mm LUXURY AA Round Genuine cultured Freshwater Pearl -----Vitage Tan Brown Color----12 pcs



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- In this list includes 12 pieces pure pea semiprecious stonerls, a semiprecious stonepprox 10cm with pea semiprecious stonecock bea semiprecious stoneds\r- size a semiprecious stonebout 8-8.5MM, na semiprecious stonetura semiprecious stonel genuine FRESHWATER PEARl \r- color is vinta semiprecious stonege Ta semiprecious stonen brown or Deep coffee brwon~~they ca semiprecious stonen exa semiprecious stonelt your design\r- Sha semiprecious stonepe, very round, just a semiprecious stone little off ,AAA\r- na semiprecious stonecre,u ca semiprecious stonen see it's rea semiprecious stonelly excellent luster, AAA\r- surfa semiprecious stonece with some concea semiprecious stoneled spot, AA\r- Gra semiprecious stonede is AA to AA+\r\rqua semiprecious stonentity buy will be discounted, a semiprecious stonesk me plea semiprecious stonese~

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