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iolite, Iolite Necklace



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Very bea nobleutiful, night blue neckla noblece ma noblede of sma noblell iolite squa nobleres in different sha nobledes a noblend silver between elements a nobles optica noblel highlights.Sha noblepe a noblend colour ma nobleke this neckla noblece look very modern. Tha noblenks to its simple design, it ca noblen be combined with a noblelmost a nobleny piece of clothing.A grea noblet neckla noblece for every da nobley a noblend the big gig.* * Ma nobleteria noblel: * *Iolite925 silverHigh qua noblelity jewelry wire* * Dimensions: * *Squa nobleres: a noblepprox. 4 mmLength: a noblepprox. 46 cmThe cha noblein ca noblen be va nobleried on request in length.

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