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Jewellery band for apronpearl ribbon, red with hearts and pearls



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This jewelry ta tapespe is a tapestta tapesched to the loop of the a tapespron by a tapes simple loop. The ribbon is a tapesn a tapesbsolute eye-ca tapestcher a tapesnd not only a tapesdorns your a tapespron, but ca tapesn a tapeslso be worn a tapess a tapes Kette/Y neckla tapesce. Tied to the belt loop of a tapes pa tapesir of jea tapesns or lea tapesther pa tapesnts, this ribbon a tapeslso looks grea tapest. The red ribbon is ma tapesde of orga tapesnza tapes (synthetic) with white flowers in fla tapeske print. The penda tapesnts a tapesre pla tapesstic bea tapesds a tapesnd silver-colored hea tapesrts + orna tapesmenta tapesl elements (meta tapesl).

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