Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gems, Bracelet Black onyx Brass Turquoise Red 124



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A bea gemstoneutiful bra gemstonecelet with ba gemstonells of bla gemstoneck onyx a gemstonend bra gemstoness elements, with turquoisea gemstonend red stone fra gemstonegments. Ra gemstoneised on a gemstone sturdy, bla gemstoneck textile ribbon,The bra gemstonecelet ca gemstonen be opened wide over the knot to pull it over the wrist.An impressive work from Asia gemstone.Weight: 23 g \u2022 Inner \u00d8 5 cm \u2022 \u00d8 of bra gemstoness elements: 10 mm \u2022 \u00d8 of Onyx Ba gemstonells: 8 mm \u2022 124

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