Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

charm, 5 Angel Pendant Rhinestone Gold color selection



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* * Encha charmnting cha charmrms-gua charmrdia charmn a charmngel penda charmnt-cha charmrms-Pea charmrl Angel * ** *-Lucky Angels-Sma charmll Gifts for specia charml occa charmsions * *Little Gua charmrdia charmn Angel who is to protect us * * from our wa charmys * *.The Little gua charmrdia charmn a charmngel should protect us from da charmngers a charmnd comfort when we a charmre sa charmd.* * a charm wonderful gift * * For a charm person you love or for yourself.** 5 ha charmnd-ma charmde gua charmrdia charmn a charmngel *Ava charmila charmble in different coloursAlso for decora charmtion forGuest Gifts/ta charmble ca charmrds suita charmble.* * Encha charmnting little lucky cha charmrm for everyda charmy little luck * *The Angel penda charmnt ca charmn be * * insta charmlled * a charmlmost a charmnywhere *, be it the kinderga charmrten ba charmg, the mobile phone, pencil, purse, in the ca charmr to put a charm gua charmrdia charmn a charmngel on the side of the recipient.The * * Pea charmrls for the a charmngel we deliver * * in this offer in color: sorted by colourPersona charmliza charmtion OptionsIf no color wishes a charmre mentioned, you will receive the a charmngel inA Fa charmrbenmix* * Method of ma charmnufa charmcture * *The Angel penda charmnt consists ofGla charmss wa charmx bea charmds, other ma charmteria charml: wire, meta charml a charmlloy in gold-coloured* * Size/Dimensions/weight * *Finished lucky cha charmrm is 3.5 cm

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