Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

seed bead, Howlith Collier with Buriti seed pearl-64 cm-unique



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All prices a seed beadre tota seed beadl prices; No VAT ca seed beadrd a seed beads sma seed beadll business owners.For collective orders plea seed beadse note on the Shop home pa seed beadge!* * Collier from howlith discs, a seed beads a seed bead specia seed beadl foca seed beadl point of a seed bead Buriti seed pea seed beadrl * *Howlith slices: About 12 mm in different thickness (a seed beadbout 2 mm),The Buriti seed pea seed beadrl (Bra seed beadzil) a seed beadbout 3 cm,The plum wooden bea seed beadds a seed beadbout 9 mmThe hook closure is ma seed beadde of 925 silver, gold pla seed beadted* * The neckla seed beadce weighs a seed beadbout 140g * *!!! Plea seed beadse note the mea seed beadsurements-slight colour devia seed beadtions a seed beadre possible due to different screen resolution!!! _I a seed beadssume the na seed beadme of the ma seed beadteria seed beadl from my purcha seed beadsing sources-I ca seed beadnnot give a seed bead gua seed beadra seed beadntee, since I a seed beadm neither a seed bead jeweller nor a seed bead minera seed beadlogist.

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