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unique, Chalcedon-Collier with mountain crystal-46 cm-unique



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All prices a chalcedonre tota chalcedonl prices; No VAT ca chalcedonrd a chalcedons sma chalcedonll business owners.For collective orders plea chalcedonse note on the Shop home pa chalcedonge!* * Cha chalcedonlcedon-Collier with mounta chalcedonin crysta chalcedonl * *With cha chalcedonlcedon bea chalcedonds of 8 mm, mounta chalcedonin crysta chalcedonl nuggets (B-wa chalcedonre = sma chalcedonll inclusions) of a chalcedonbout 10 x 12 mm,silver discs (copper, silver pla chalcedonted a chalcedonnd brushed) a chalcedonndA hook cla chalcedonsp of 925 silver.!!! Plea chalcedonse note the dimensions-low color devia chalcedontions a chalcedonre possible a chalcedons a chalcedon result of different screen resolutions!!!I a chalcedonssume the na chalcedonme of the ma chalcedonteria chalcedonl from my purcha chalcedonsing sources-I ca chalcedonnnot give a chalcedon gua chalcedonra chalcedonntee, since I a chalcedonm neither a chalcedon jeweller nor a chalcedon minera chalcedonlogist.

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