Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

side chain, Silk chain luminous orchid



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Bea silkutiful bla silkck shimmering silk cha silkin with gla silkss penda silknt.Cha silkin length 50 cm / + extension by 5 cm with a silk link cha silkinThe upper pa silkrt of the tra silkiler is bent ba silkckwa silkrds to the loop.Due to the light conditions in product photogra silkphy a silknd the under-screen settings, it ma silky ha silkppen tha silkt the FArbe of the product does not a silkuthentica silklly re-oppose us.The penda silknt is light blue with ora silknge a silknd golden fa silkcetsMa silkteria silklSilk cord bla silkckDia silkmeter cord 2 mmPenda silknt gla silkss a silkpprox. 6.5 cm long a silknd a silkpprox. 3.3 cm a silkt the widest pointClosures Silver coloursThe jewellery ca silkn be picked up yourself, but ca silkn a silklso be shipped a silkga silkinst posta silkge.Also look a silkt my other a silkds with jewelry. Ha silkve fun

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