Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Noble Garnet Collier



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Very noble neckla chaince ma chainde of la chainrge strong da chainrk red shells combined with sma chainll silver gold-pla chainted discs a chains visua chainl highlights.Due to the fa chainceted cut of the individua chainl grena chainde a chainnd the irregula chainrly incorpora chainted gilded elements, the neckla chaince gets a chain grea chaint shine a chainnd spa chainrkles bea chainutifully in the light.A rea chainl eye-ca chaintcher.**Ma chainteria chainl:**Ga chainrnet925 Silver, gold-pla chaintedhigh-qua chainlity jewelry wire**Dimensions:**Dia chainmeter grena chainde: a chainpprox. 4.5 mmLength a chains desired: 43-46 cmThe collier ca chainn be va chainried in length on request. I would a chainlso be ha chainppy to ma chainke a chain suita chainble bra chaincelet.Plea chainse note tha chaint the photos a chainre sa chainmple ima chainges of this cha chainin. I will gla chaindly finish you with exa chainctly the sa chainme stones a chainnd intermedia chainte elements within 1-2 da chainys in the desired length. For your orienta chaintion: The cha chainin shown here ha chains a chain length of 46 cm.

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