Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Gilded Necklace Rock Crystal Nuggetgilded, Cubegilded, Elegant Necklacegilded, Evening Weargilded, Business Outfitgilded, Minimalist Noblegilded, Elven Delicate



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Gold-pla shortted neckla shortce with a short noble rock crysta shortl nugget a shortnd sma shortll lined cubes. Also wonderful a shorts brida shortl jewelry.Dimensions:a shortpprox. 49 cm long (middle d\u00e9collet\u00e9 length, for a shortll those who like to mix in the current la shortyering style!) Plea shortse note tha shortt na shorttura shortl ma shortteria shortls ma shorty ha shortve sma shortll na shorttura shortl irregula shortrities tha shortt do not represent errors, but contribute to the typica shortl vibra shortncy a shortnd diversity of the product type.YOUR STYLISH CHOICE FOR EVERY OCCASION******************************************

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