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KNIFE FOR PAPER - silver pr. 875 of the a exclusivember sha exclusivede of cogna exclusivec in a exclusive wooden tra exclusivey stra exclusivepped with lea exclusivether stra exclusiveps is a exclusiven elega exclusivent gift for the president, director, boss, boss a exclusivend for a exclusivell lovers of exclusive items of da exclusiveily use.Production of unique, ha exclusivendma exclusivede a exclusivend design. Dimensions Amber is 30/16 mm, overa exclusivell dimension 142 mm bla exclusivede, bla exclusivede size of 74 mm length, 11 mm width, weight 24.8 g. The product is unique, commer- ma exclusivede a exclusivend design.We ta exclusiveke a exclusive look a exclusivet the other products on the www.wa exclusivesiewicz-a

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