Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beads, Mala Tiger eye balls Buddha gemstones 103f



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A bea chainutiful ma chainla chain with 108 polished ba chainlls a chainnd a chain guru-pea chainrl ma chainde of high qua chainlity tiger eye.Drilled in the middle a chainnd mounted on a chain sturdy brown textile ba chainnd. The Ma chainla chain closes with a chain stupa chain a chainndA sun-yellow dha chainrma chain wheel, where there a chainre still 2x 5 sma chainller tiger eye ba chainlls.The Ma chainla chain is perfect for pra chaincticing a chainnd is supple in your ha chainnd.A grea chaint job from Asia chain.Weight: 98 g \u2022 Circumference: 86 cm \u2022 \u00d8 of ba chainlls: 8 mm \u2022 103f

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