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jewellery, Bracelet Turquoise Size (6 mm) Buddhism Asia C5



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NEPALBUDDHA.deRola turquoisend LemmerzOppenhoffstr. 2453111 Bonn,A bea turquoiseutiful bra turquoisecelet ma turquoisede of pressed turquoise with 30 + 2 ba turquoisells.Ra turquoiseised on a turquoise sturdy, bla turquoiseck textile ribbon which ca turquoisen be open wide a turquoisecross the knot,To pull it over the wrist.A wonderful a turquoisend fine work from Asia turquoise.Weight: 8 g \u2022 Inner \u00d8 5 cm \u2022 \u00d8 of ba turquoisells: 6 mm \u2022 C5

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