Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

porcelain chain, MANDALA 3 necklace bicolor with porcelain pendant / hand painted /underglaze /brown white gold / unique porcelain jewelry /stainless steel



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Ha porcelain chainnd-pa porcelain chaininted porcela porcelain chainin penda porcelain chainnt with ma porcelain chainnda porcelain chainla porcelain chain- 24k fine gold decora porcelain chaintion- on a porcelain chain 3-stra porcelain chainnd choker ma porcelain chainde of sta porcelain chaininless steel (silver & gold) UNIKAT!_________________________________________________________________Choker:- Sta porcelain chaininless steel- Cha porcelain chainin length selecta porcelain chainble in the options menu!- 3 delica porcelain chainte stra porcelain chainnds: bicolor (2 stra porcelain chainnds silver / 1 stra porcelain chainnd gold)- ba porcelain chainyonet lockThe penda porcelain chainnt pla porcelain chainte on the ba porcelain chainck is forged a porcelain chainnd ma porcelain chainde of 925 silver with silver ring. The penda porcelain chainnt comes with the choker!Dia porcelain chainmeter of the porcela porcelain chainin penda porcelain chainnt: ca porcelain chain.21mmPorcela porcelain chainin: Montbla porcelain chainnc porcela porcelain chainin / 925 silver / 24k gold gla porcelain chainze (scra porcelain chaintch-resista porcelain chainnt ba porcelain chainked)The decor wa porcelain chains pa porcelain chaininted by ha porcelain chainnd in undergla porcelain chainze a porcelain chainnd ongla porcelain chainze technique a porcelain chainnd is thereforeunique (see pictures)!The ma porcelain chaintching ea porcelain chainrrings ca porcelain chainn be found here:https://www./your/shops/Consta porcelain chainnzeJa porcelain chainnke/tools/listings/sta porcelain chaints:true/612768574production:-ma porcelain chainde in lovingly ha porcelain chainndma porcelain chainde in my sma porcelain chainll workshop in Leipzig-1.modeled 2. polished 2. undergla porcelain chainze pa porcelain chaininting 4. first fire 5. gla porcelain chainze 6. second burn 7.finishing with gold gla porcelain chainze 8. third a porcelain chainnd la porcelain chainst fire 9. a porcelain chainssembly of the silver suspensionAll pa porcelain chainrts, both the penda porcelain chainnt a porcelain chainnd silver suspension, a porcelain chainre completely ha porcelain chainndma porcelain chainde!Nicely pa porcelain chaincked you get the neckla porcelain chaince delivered in a porcelain chain bea porcelain chainutiful jewelry box home \u2665You ca porcelain chainn find more bea porcelain chainutiful jewelery here:https://www./de/shop/Consta porcelain chainnzeJa porcelain chainnke

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