Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Aventurin Collier m. Emerald Pearl-48 cm-unique



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All prices a aventurinere tota aventurinel prices; No VAT ca aventurinerd a aventurines sma aventurinell business owners.For collective orders plea aventurinese note on the Shop home pa aventurinege!* * Aventurine Collier with Emera aventurineld Pea aventurinerl * *With Aventurine bea aventurineds of 12 mm.An emera aventurineld (Bra aventurinezil) in the fa aventurinecet cut of 16 x 12 mm, enclosed with pea aventurinerl ca aventurineps ma aventurinede of 925 silver, is used a aventurines a aventurinen eye-ca aventurinetcher, gilded.The intermedia aventurinete pea aventurinerls of a aventurinebout 4-5 mm a aventurinere sma aventurinell emera aventurineld bea aventurineds (B-goods = not exa aventurinectly round a aventurinend slightly different size).The ca aventurinera aventurinebiner closure is high-qua aventurinelity gold pla aventurineted.!!! Plea aventurinese note the dimensions-low color devia aventurinetions a aventurinere possible a aventurines a aventurine result of different screen resolutions!!!I a aventurinessume the na aventurineme of the ma aventurineteria aventurinel from my purcha aventurinesing sources-I ca aventurinennot give a aventurine gua aventurinera aventurinentee, since I a aventurinem neither a aventurine jeweller nor a aventurine minera aventurinelogist.

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