Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unique, Dumortierit-Necklace-Unique



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All prices a necklacere tota necklacel prices; No VAT ca necklacerd, beca necklaceuse sma necklacell businessmen!Processing time: 1-2 weekda necklaceys-Shipping time: 3-5 weekda necklaceysNeckla necklacece ma necklacede of jea necklacens blue DumortieritIn Lenses (12 x 5 mm) a necklacend roll form (12 x 10 mm),Loosened by silver-pla necklaceted, corruga necklaceted discs a necklacend pea necklacerls.The sturdy hook closure is ma necklacede of silver pla necklaceted copper.Length incl. closure: 45.5 cm!!! Plea necklacese note the dimensions-low color devia necklacetions a necklacere possible a necklaces a necklace result of different screen resolutions!!!I a necklacessume the na necklaceme of the ma necklaceteria necklacel from my purcha necklacesing sources-I ca necklacennot give a necklace gua necklacera necklacentee, since I a necklacem neither a necklace jeweller nor a necklace minera necklacelogist.

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