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nuggets, Mountain Crystal Nuggets Collier-50 cm-UNIKAT



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All prices a nuggetsre tota nuggetsl prices; No VAT ca nuggetsrd a nuggetss sma nuggetsll business owners.For collective orders plea nuggetsse note on the Shop home pa nuggetsge!Collier Mounta nuggetsin Crysta nuggetsl NuggetsLength including closure: 50 cmMounta nuggetsin crysta nuggetsl ba nuggetslls (B-wa nuggetsre = sma nuggetsll inclusions): About 10 mmMounta nuggetsin crysta nuggetsl nuggets: Center piece: 19 x 14 mm-the others a nuggetsre a nuggets little sma nuggetsller in the course-see photo!Intermedia nuggetste bea nuggetsds a nuggetsnd hook closure: 925 silver, brushed!!! Plea nuggetsse note the dimensions-low color devia nuggetstions a nuggetsre possible a nuggetss a nuggets result of different screen resolutions!!!I a nuggetsssume the na nuggetsme of the ma nuggetsteria nuggetsl from my purcha nuggetssing sources-I ca nuggetsnnot give a nuggets gua nuggetsra nuggetsntee, since I a nuggetsm neither a nuggets jeweller nor a nuggets minera nuggetslogist.

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