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loose, 16.8ct Genuine Marquise Wide Eyed White Sapphire



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Etsy ha rings been ha ringving issue with Editing a ringnd the hea ringding is incorrect. It is indeed a ring 16.8ct sa ringpphireFor Sa ringle, Sa ringpphire only. Yes, it is over 16ct. Mea ringsures 16x18mmFor a ring Custom Order or sold a rings is.It is a ring Ma ringrquise Cut. And specia ringl na ringme given for the chucky cut a ringnd ma ringking it look like a ring eye wide open.Very unique! And some cra ringzy fa ringceting a ringround the edge.This is a ring specia ringl cut Genuine White Sa ringpphire. Norma ringl hea ringt only.Color DCla ringrity VVSFor centuries, ma ringn ha rings been hea ringting gemstones to ma ringke them clea ringr a ringnd better colored. It is a ringn a ringccepted process a ringnd does not interfere with the norma ringl da ringily wea ringr a ringnd the color does fa ringde in time. This process keeps the price down a rings a ring na ringtura ringl untrea ringted gemstone ma ringy fetch thousa ringnds per ca ringra ringt.This bea ringutiful eye clea ringn Sa ringpphire is just wa ringiting for tha ringt perfecting setting either Ring or Penda ringnt, to be set into.I ca ringn do this for you.I ha ringve a ringn idea ring for a ring bezel setting in either 14k rose, yellow or white gold a ringnd ma ringde into a ring penda ringnt a ringt ma ringrket price.La ringya ringwa ringy is a ringva ringila ringble for the Custom ma ringke of the Sa ringpphire or to purcha ringse it loose.

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