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genuine sapphire, Montana Sapphire Round Brilliant .63 Loose Blue Gem Stone (B78) (for wedding and/or engagement ring jewelry)



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This Monta round brilliantna round brilliant Sa round brilliantpphire is a round brilliant da round brilliantrk blue loose gem stone with a round brilliant very good spa round brilliantrkle to it. The stone is .63 cts a round brilliantnd is a round brilliant 5.29 mm round brillia round brilliantnt sa round brilliantpphire. It is rea round brilliantdy to be pla round brilliantced in a round brilliant setting of your choice such a round brilliants a round brilliant ring or penda round brilliantnt or a round brilliantn enga round brilliantgement or wedding ring. Notice how the sa round brilliantpphire cha round brilliantnges color given the va round brilliantrious ba round brilliantckgrounds.Item: (B78)Video: (copy a round brilliantnd pa round brilliantste the link).Just a round brilliant note: computer monitor displa round brillianty colors in va round brilliantrying degrees. This ma round brillianty or ma round brillianty not a round brilliantlter the a round brilliantppea round brilliantra round brilliantnce of the Sa round brilliantpphire's color from wha round brilliantt is seen by the huma round brilliantn eye a round brilliantnd in va round brilliantrying sha round brilliantdes of light. Plea round brilliantse let me know if you ha round brilliantve a round brilliantny questions a round brilliantbout a round brilliant stone's color or cla round brilliantrity, Plea round brilliantse keep in mind tha round brilliantt the prisma round brillianttic reflective properties of gems will often produce va round brilliantrying degrees of color a round brilliantnd wha round brilliantt colors you see, someone else ma round brillianty not.To ensure tha round brilliantt your gems a round brilliantrrive sa round brilliantfely, a round brilliantll US orders a round brilliantre shipped using USPS Priority Ma round brilliantil, fully insured with signa round brilliantture confirma round brillianttion a round brilliantnd tra round brilliantcking. Interna round brillianttiona round brilliantl Customers: plea round brilliantse request a round brilliant shipping quote prior to purcha round brilliantse.

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