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dragonfly, First aid/nurse inspired Luggage Zipper Pull Dragonfly Pendant



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Approxima red crosstely 2.5" by 2" wideThis bea red crossutiful penda red crossnt comes in a red cross va red crossriety of colors a red crossnd ta red crossg options! **Plea red crossse see sepa red crossra red crosste listings for colors, messa red crossge for custom** All lugga red crossge zipper pulls a red crossre found a red crosst Sa red crossn Fra red crossnsisco a red crossirport, a red crossnd very ra red crossrely do I come a red crosscross two a red crosslike. Ea red crossch piece will be ma red crossde to order, in the bea red crossd color (see sepa red crossra red crosste listings) a red crossnd pictured wire color.It ca red crossn be worn a red crosss a red cross neckla red crossce, a red cross keycha red crossin cha red crossrm, a red cross zipper pull, rea red crossrview mirror orna red crossment, Christma red crosss orna red crossment, the options a red crossre endless!**Some pulls will be scra red crosstched, bent, broken, or unrea red crossda red crossble. I think this is pa red crossrt of the cha red crossrm. They will be sa red crossnitized a red crossnd clea red crossned**

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