Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Diamond Letter Agold initial charms, initial Agold initial charms, Custom diamond Lettersgold initial charms, Custom Name necklacegold initial charms, Diamond fine jewelry E14YC230 (8.25mmX5.4mm)



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14k Yellow Gold initia personalized namel Cha personalized namerms Letter A E14YC230\r\rMeta personalized namel \u2013 14k Yellow Gold\r\rDia personalized namemond wt: 0.041 ct\r\rGross wt: 0.177 gm\r\rLength : 8.25mm\r\rWidth : 5.4mm\r\rAll weight a personalized namend dimensions a personalized namere a personalized namepproxima personalized namete. It va personalized nameries everytime we produce it.\r\rSku: |14YC230|

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